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"Just Giving"
is all he did.

Please help
to give something back to a man who sacrificed his health and well-being to help others.

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(an introduction)

Neville is not only my Ex-Husband, but he is also my best friend.
We speak to one another almost every day and do a lot together.

He is that kind of guy who sees a spark in someone, no matter how hidden and will move heaven on earth to get this person to bloom and eventually shine.

He will forever give from his seemingly bottomless well of knowledge, to nurture any human being regardless of their standing, looks, religious or personal orientation, race or cultural background …. to enable and structure yet another free mind to equip them with the tools they need to get on their feet and lead a fulfilled life.

He has done this with more people than I can count. People who were for one reason or another in danger of falling through the net.

While teaching at several colleges, Neville began specialising in supporting persons with varying physical, social, and learning disabilities. One of his earliest projects was delivering basic literacy and numeracy skills to hospital based persons with mental health conditions and serious learning disabilities. Then he increased his support to include visually impaired, wheelchair bound persons. 

As the UK economic situation began to affect outreach projects and many had to close. Neville, undeterred moved to a housing project and began supporting socially and learning disabled persons in a large project in a deprived area of Bristol. It was while he was employed by this trust that Neville developed several projects. 

From a project Neville called S. A. L. T. (Support And Learning Team) to provide literacy, numeracy, and social skills. Several computer based projects to promote computer skills qualifications, in order to aid employment and autonomy. One of these projects consisted of turning a closed school to become a learning and services village to enable a very deprived area. This project provided computer sessions, turned several of the rooms into individual self-employed businesses, and even encouraged a television company to film a highly successful drama series ‘Teachers’ to be filmed on the premises.

Neville was giving people wings and was forever finding money for new projects to help the cause … Their cause.

Then, shortly after this successful project, Neville suffered the first of his three heart attacks. In his mission to help others, Neville had overexploited his own strength.

About a year later he suffered the second Heart Attack which had both been left untreated. Neville had to reduce his working hours to withstand the strain on his body. A year later Neville needed a triple bypass. During the operation he suffered a third heart attack, had a tracheotomy and also encountered pneumonia. He was in intensive care and after 3 days the stapled sternum broke apart and was floating disconnected ever since. Neville being seriously ill there was no attempt to do another operation as he would have not survived the impact.

Neville ended up in a coma for 3 weeks. Eventually he began to recover and six weeks later was allowed to go home. While recovering Neville was approached by the company to think about creating another project - this time involving teenagers with social, learning, and drug problems.

So six months after leaving hospital, Neville began putting the project into place. Every ten weeks, teenagers who left school without any qualifications, or were expelled where brought in, trained, given new skills, and put into job placement. They also earned £10.00 per week from the Government. It was a huge success. 

Then RNIB (Royal National Institute For The Blind) approached Neville with the prospects of another project, this time involving to teach visually and pan disabled people how to use computers. Neville agreed and developed a centre to first support visually impaired people.

Over time, he developed three rooms with computers, all supporting visually impaired persons and he also had an idea of creating a program that would teach visually impaired persons how to operate a computer, and access online courses in order to develop a new skill, such as literacy, numeracy and computer skills.

Word went out and Neville and his projects soon became a national name. With the support of nearly ten volunteers on a rota, his dream began to develop. Then several national teaching companies began offering project funding to develop the project. The centre became a testing bed for new and innovative support products to aid visually impaired, with social and learning disabilities. In a short while it began attracting media attention, with radio, television, newspaper and magazines.

This was when I first met Neville, working for RNIB but in a different section of the Charity. He was surrounded by people who were hanging onto every word he spoke.

He turned to me and it was love at first sight. Cupid shot some powerful arrows that day and we hopelessly fell for one another within a fraction of a second that we had set eyes on each other.

Following was a rather short lived whirlwind romance. Not having a lot of time to spend together we only saw one another a few times over the next couple on month, when Neville fell ill again.

First it looked like a flu. It became persistent and Neville was off work for one month, then two, and three. He just would not recover. Eventually I took him to my home so that I could look after him properly. This became a full time job as Neville's body continued spiralling into a seemingly bottomless pit of ever more illness.

I had to give up work and become his full time carer. Following were years of trying to nurse Neville back to life and get him mobile again. We spent more time in hospital than at home with my children. Years went by and gradually Neville's free fall appeared to be slowing down.

Now on over 40 tablets a day, on daily oxygen and still at least 3 hospital and GP appointments a week I tried to encourage him to take up studying with the OU from home.

Neville had an ingenious mind that would leave anyone standing and I hoped that utilising this might aid his recovery.

Since Neville had been wheelchair bound for many years now, with the entire house reconstructed to insure his safety, getting his mind activated again seemed like the only solution left.

So Neville Studied English Lit and Creative Writing and eventually made it to a Batchlors Degree. The constant high dosage of medication had taken it's toll on him and on the family. We were all at breaking point and meanwhile financially desolate as Neville's illness had swallowed the amount of a medium size family home.

With the kind help of a relative we were able to scrape up the finance to get Neville his first Pre-Loved Power Chair. This was years ago and the chair has meanwhile given up on him.

Around that time Neville was put on constant Morphine which changed his personality and he was no longer able to live in close proximity with other people.

We found a new home for him close to the see hoping he would find piece after his busy life.

Neville had given all he had to other people and is now in need himself. I am no longer able to support Neville as the years have taken their toll.

Trying to keep Neville mobile and in touch with people I suggested that we should try and open a "Just Giving" page and try to get a new Power Chair for him. And here we are asking for your kind help.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read this and the to all of those who are willing to donate a little bit to help Neville on his "Feet" again.

We are aiming to raise £18 000.00 on jointly this page and "Just Giving" for the Wheelchair and have put a page with the exact beak-down and description of the chair Neville requires in
"All Terrain Wheelchairs."

Since he lived in Bridport Neville has opened up a Twitter account and has around 18000 followers.
I always invisage that if everyone has the kindness to donate £1 the Neville's chair will soon be a reality.

£1 helps him a lot but does not really hurt anyone to give.


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Give a little, Give a lot, whatever donations you are happy to give to keep Neville mobile are most gratefully received.

We have set up a secure Pay-Pal connection alongside the "Just Giving" page to keep your donation safe. An update about donations will be posted here every week on Sunday. All money will go directly onto Neville's Account.

We would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, words and support.

Use Paypal for donations directly to the Account

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