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My Mother

When I was in my early 20's my Mother had succumb to Cancer. I had stayed with her for 5 month to nurse her during this time.

We were two siblings and it does not need saying that at the tender age of 20, two young girls did not really plan to put their mother to rest, let alone having to pay for the funeral cost.

Neither had my mother planned for such an early death and hence had no finance put aside to help dealing with the cost of it.

But there was one thing she had done. She became a member of a club in her humble workplace (many thousands of staff). Every member of this club would donate £1 each if there was a bereavement amongst the club members.

I was always very fascinated by this concept as it would never leave anyone desolate but at the same time it was such a minute amount if you had to give it to the cause.

So it came as a relieve to see that we were not burdened with a debt that would have been hard to pay back. The money covered the cost of the entire funeral and anything related to it.

I never stopped thinking that this concept rolled out globally with small communities could solve a lot of people who had fallen onto hard times from suffering unnecessarily.

As all it takes for very participant to give a little and receive a lot

Maybe this concept feasts of the notion that whatever we do, positive or negative, creates an energy, doesn't matter how minor this deed appears at the time, in time it will snowball and fall back on us.

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Give a little, Give a lot,

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